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26th August 2005

12:21pm: “The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again… if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.” - Theodore Roosevelt

23rd August 2005

8:43am: This is probably futile, since no one is reading this. I recently lost my Beyond - No longer at ease, Dew it Demo Reissue CD. A friend had loaned it. Turns out he had a break in, and got all his CD's stolen (along with mine). The problem is that the CD is out of stock, so I can't get a new one.

Anyone willing to sell their copy to the BIGGEST BEYOND fan on the planet, please get in touch!!!!

I need that CD...
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7th August 2005

10:09am: I've been home from Tallinn since midnight Tuesday, but I didn't feel like updating about my trip. It was a good trip and all, it was just so dissapointing to see my boys get shafted. First of all, the socalled "National Coaches" didn't give a shit about our boys. They didn't talk to them, they left the hotel to go to the tournament without telling them and so on. And when Torben and Thomas had to fight a couple fights apart, those idiots let another boxer (and a piece of shit one, at that) help work Torben's corner. I mean, there were three of us there, ready to help out, who KNEW those guys and KNEW how he is supposed to fight, tactically and all. After he loses his first fight, and we ask them what the hell they're doing, the guy goes "oh, it doesn't matter". Well I know it doesn't matter to you, but these kids trained their hearts out, and it damn well matters to them!
Anyway, nothing would have made a difference over there, it seems. Marcel fought a Polish dude at 60kg, and took the kid over the edge. The guy was under so much pressure, he started ducking and holding when Marcel attacked. He finally got a warning, with a point deduction, for ducking too low. Then he got desperate and hit Marcel below the waist, another point deduction. After that Marcel just put on relentless pressure, and the guy kept ducking. He got his 3rd point deduction, and got disqualified. Marcel gets his hand raised in victory, and he's in the quarterfinal. Only he's not... The next morning, when he comes down for the weigh in, they tell him his fight has been changed, and he's lost on points. THAT IS NOT POSSIBLE UNDER THE RULES!!! Turns out Poland, with help from the "Technical Delegate" from Hungary filed a protest, saying the 3rd warning was illegitimate. I have it on tape from 2 different angles, there's NOTHING wrong with that warning...

So Torben and Thomas have to fight Hungarians the next day. We were definitely warned by what happened to Marcel, and the Hungarian Mafioso dude's role in that. Anyway, we talk to the German and the Romanian National coaches, and they basically tell us we need knock-outs to beat Hungarians. Sure enough, Torben fights a really good fight, but just doesn't get the points he should have, and loses 53-35, in a fight that should have been 1-3 points difference.

With Thomas, things were even worse. He gets NOTHING. 27-7 outscore after 2:37 of round 3 (note: a round is only 2:00 minutes long).

Anyway, here's how my trip was: I left Aalborg on Thursday night, to go to Århus and sleep over at Marcel and his Brother Ramsi's apartment in the Gjellerup projects. This place is one of the most infamous "ghetto's" in Denmark. It's full of immigrants and refugee's from the Arab world and from Somalia. Marcel and Ramsi are Lebanese. Anyway, we hang out, and don't go to sleep before 2:00 that night, and Ramsi and I have to get up at 4:30, since Gunnar (Marcel's trainer)is picking us up at 5:00. Gunnar picked us up, drove to the Copenhagen airport in 2½ hours. I slept the entire trip on the plane. It was only 1½ hours, but I fell asleep before we even took off, and I only woke up, about 10 seconds before we landed. We were picked up at the Estonian airport by a Swedish trainer named Kermit (a friend of Gunnar's), and an Estonian guy named Vadim. We were staying at Vadim's ghetto Gym, close to downtown Tallinn. The place was in a basement, obscenely humid, and smelled really mouldy. Hey, it beats paying a fortune for a hotel (actually, I didn't pay a dime, everything was covered by my club. Still it means money saved by the club, and we're doing it for the kids, for the fuckin' kids!!).

Anyway, the days mostly went like this: We got up at 9-ish. Went to Old Town (the center of Tallinn, it's a really beautiful medieval town, only scarred by the massive amounts of tourists), to eat. I usually ate at an Indian restaurant there, which was pretty good, and you could sit outside, right on the town square. Indian food makes any trip worthwhile.
Then we'd go to the Saku SuurHalle, where the boxing tournament started at 1 every day, and the fights were in to rings simultaneously. Lots of good boxing, especially the Russians, a couple of Turks, the Germans, and a really good Frenchman... More tomorrow...
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24th July 2005

11:07am: Maybe I should start updating this thing once in a while? Can't promise anything, but then again, I'm the only one reading this, haha...

So next friday, I'm going to Tallinn, Estonia, for the U19 Euro championships. We have 3 fighters from my gym competing, in the 60kg, 64kg, and 69kg weight divisions. I won't be allowed to work their corners, of course, because the socalled National coaches, who have no experience with our fighters what so ever, supposedly can do a better job. Yeah right, these guys still think it's 1999, where the computer scoring was completely different. Our guys aren't sluggers, but technical counterpunchers, and that's the way they should fight.

anyway, I'm excited I get to go. Hey, it's a free vacation, and 9 days of more high level boxing than you can possibly take in. Just what the doctor ordered.
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10:57am: Boxing...
Behold the words of another which perfectly depict the seamless relationship of art and the sweet science(just substitute the word Boxing for the word David).

“The key to the ‘David's’ appeal is Michelangelo's magnificent projection of man at his best--vigorously healthy, beautiful, rational, competent. It expresses a heroic view of man and of a universe auspicious to his success. Such a projection is of immeasurable worth to anyone who holds such a sense of life--whether that person lived 500 years ago or lives today. He can choose to undertake great challenges in the face of seemingly impossible odds; he can actively pursue success, fight for victory--even slay a giant (from “The Meaning of Michelangelo’s David” By Lee Sanstead – Sept. 5, 2004).

Some might find it perverse to speak of Boxing in such a manner, but of all the sports, it is the most intimate, violent and perfect expression of the human challenge here on earth. It treads the fine line between civilization and anarchy, and in doing so instructs each of us with a coarse severity. Those who do not understand this are, sadly, missing out.
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3rd April 2004

12:27am: Get it out of the way already!
Hmm, so I' m sitting alone on a friday night. Figured I'd give this a try...

I can't help thinking about the fact that I could have been in Syracuse for the Path show tomorrow. I have the money, I just didn't have time to renew my passport. It's been 5 and a half years since I last made that journey. Back then I used to go twice a year, or something. A lot of people I haven't seen in too long.
Anyway, all you fortunate ones out there who get to go, I hope you have fun. You could maybe drop a comment, tell me how it went? :)
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